Why choose ESG?

At ESG UQAM, we cultivate critical thinking and develop unique minds to change the business environment and adapt it to new realities.

We (re)model. We reshape. We allow students to reinvent themselves and refine their true potential.
We encourage our students to think—outside the box. We continue to evolve so they can too.

Studying at ESG UQAM means exploring diverse fields of expertise including management, urban planning, marketing, fashion marketing, ethics, sustainable development, social responsibility, business intelligence, and Fintech. Research and teaching activities encourage students to think about the world differently, to become influential actors in their immediate settings and creators of economic, social and environmental value across local, national and international platforms.

We grow critical thinking. Our teachers are available, accessible and passionate. They are steered by their passion, and their interest to step outside the box. At ESG, we are not content with solutions that have been validated and proven.  We do not train according to standards. Be ready to go beyond the conventional.

More than 75 programs of study at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate levels: that’s what we offer. Our programs offer concrete and practical training to help you rethink tomorrow’s world. We adapt to your needs; full-time or part-time, in cohort or non-cohort, in-class, hybrid or distance learning, in the downtown area or on one of the campuses outside Montreal.

At ESG UQAM, we have more than 40 research units. Our “Maximize your research potential” program offers scholarships to our students from undergraduate to postdoctoral level. And to facilitate access to a research project and to connect with professors, we have the “Research horizons” web platform, which lists the research projects underway at our School.

Our students are fierce opponents in inter-university competitions. They redefine the rules of the game. They explore what happens outside the conventionally drawn boundaries. They question, they reinvent, they explore, and they win.

The School of Management has more than 160 partner universities around the world. We offer scholarships as well as support from our International office, to help you realize your biggest academic adventure.

The internship is an opportunity that allows you to gain professional experience during your studies. It is a hands-on work experience that allows you to build business relationships and stand out from your peers through your unique profile.

At ESG UQAM, we will support your evolution, your transformation. We accompany and guide you during and even after your time at the School. Our Career Management Centre offers personalized meetings, workshops and conferences. We post job offers, guide you in writing your CV, and prepare you for interviews.

The business world needs people who think further than expected; those who can find a different vision for well-known issue. Our Entrepreneurship Centre is there to support you with your own start-up, a business that will no doubt solves many challenges of new realities.