Economics expertise

ESG UQAM uses an interactive instructional approach fostering in-depth understanding of economic mechanisms. Special emphasis is given to the practical application of acquired knowledge.

In order to devise solutions to practical problems, it is very important to develop a critical perspective on current economic issues. For this reason, the vast majority of compulsory courses include both theoretical and practical components. Practice-based activities include:

  • Debates
  • Economic, political or financial model simulations
  • Statistical data analysis
  • Research projects on assigned or elective topics
  • Essays
  • Experiments to prove or disprove a theory
  • Presentations

École des sciences de la gestion

Reconnue pour la qualité de son enseignement pratique, l’excellence de sa recherche appliquée et sa présence internationale, l’École des sciences de la gestion (ESG UQAM) affirme son leadership par une vision audacieuse et porteuse d’avenir.