Courses offered

With a local, national and international academic presence, ESG UQAM is committed to responding to the needs of the labour market by offering a broad range of courses wich covers all management fields of study. Students are attracted by the flexibility of the programs, the innovative teaching methods, the practical learning dimension, the friendliness of the study environment and the excellence of professors and lecturers who are actively involved in all sectors of the economy. The programs of study are professionally relevant, anchoring the academic experience in the real world.

Undergraduate Programs

The language of instruction of undergraduate programs is generally French, but some courses are offered in English (see Courses taught in English).

Graduate Programs

The language of instruction of our Master’s programs is exclusively French. In addition, if you wish to register for Master’s courses, your course selection must be approved by the head of the relevant ESG UQAM program.

Course Workload

The credit is a unit that assigns a numerical value to the workload required to achieve the specific objectives of a course. Each credit corresponds to 45 hours of learning activities (class presentations, practical work, homework, etc.), including evaluation (exams, term papers, etc.). A session lasts 15 weeks and a course generally is worth 3 credits. This means that each course corresponds to a workload of about 9 hours per week, including hours of compulsory attendance in the classroom or laboratory. A 3-credit course at UQAM is equivalent to a 6-credit ECTS course.


Point value of academic grades:
A+ = 4.3 A = 4.0 A- = 3.7: excellent
B+ = 3.3 B = 3.0 B- = 2.7: very good
C+ = 2.3 C = 2.0 C- = 1.7: good
D+ = 1.3 D = 1.0: pass
E = 0: fail

At the graduate level (Master’s level), grades C-, D+ and D are not used.

The following symbols are also used for transmitting technical information on grades:

I: Incomplete (forthcoming grade)

#: Authorized delay for grading

X: Authorized withdrawal from a course

ZE: Fail by withdrawing from a course

Course Registration

Please note that none of exchange student can registered by itself to his/her courses. The mobility assistant of the International Office (SSI ESG) will get in touch with students, in due time, to confirm their courses registration, following their learning agreement sent in their application documents.


  • At bachelor / undergraduate level, to be considered “full time” a student must be registered at a minimum of 4 courses (12 credits). The regular workload at ESG is 5 courses (15 credits) per trimester.
  • At master / graduate level, the minimum of courses required  to be considered “full time” depends on each program (between 2 courses (6 credits) to 3 courses (9 credits)).
  • Your spoken and written English must be at an intermediate level. This level of proficiency corresponds to the following scores (given here for illustration purposes):
    • TOEIC: 750 +
    • TOEFL (Paper): 550 +
    • TOEFL (IBT): 80 +
    • IELTS: 6,0 +

If the main language of instruction in your home institution is not English or French (and you want to take courses in French or English), an attestation of your language skills (oral and written) must be provided by a competent authority.

Courses taught in French

The full list of courses is not currently available. It is extensive. The UQAM Registrar’s ’s site allows you to research the courses yourself, based on your choice of program.

For bachelor (undergraduate) student : You can consult the courses offered in the bachelor of Business as the academic path is the most common followed by an exchange student.

Here are the suggested steps to help you select your courses :

  1.  Under “Programmes” on the UQAM Registrar’s site (in French only), select “Sciences de la gestion” (on the list at the left);
  2.  Select the program at the appropriate academic level;
  3.  At left of the page, select “Cours à suivre et horaires” for a listing of all the courses in the program;
  4.  Click on an underlined course to view the course description and the prerequisites (if any);
  5.  Verify the equivalence of the course and any prerequisites. Click on the title of the prerequisite for details;
  6.  Ensure that the course is offered during the session you want, by clicking the tab “Horaires et locaux d’enseignement” wich is right under the course title (select the correct year and trimester);
  7.  Continue to review courses until you have chosen enough for a full-time course load (between 12 and 15 UQAM credits for an undergraduate program and according to each program at the Master’s level);
  8.  Obtain approval from your home institution and send us the code and title of your selected courses.


Bachelor/undergraduate student : If you wish to register for Master’s courses (level 7000 and 8000), your course selection must be approved by the head of the relevant ESG academic program.

Courses taught in English

Undergraduate Programs

List of courses taught in English | Courses description

To know the timetable of our courses taught in English:

Steps to follow : 
1- Click on the link: Timetable
2- Click on “plus de critères” and select “cours particuliers”: En anglais.
3- If you are at a bachelor/undergraduate level, please select “cycle de cours”: 1er cycle.

Graduate Programs

Please note that as of the academic year 2022-2023, ESG UQAM will no longer be offering Graduate courses taught in English.

Language Courses

French course for non-french speakers

This course (3 credits) aims to develop basic skills for oral and written communication in French.
FLS1000 Français élémentaire sur objectifs spécifiques *Basic beginner course.

If the student wishes to take a more advanced course, he will have to write a placement exam upon arrival at a cost of $35 CAD.

Language courses

German, English, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian.

If allowed by your home institution, you can follow language courses during your exchange student at our School of Languages UQAM. For all beginners level student, there is no placement test to take. For all intermediate or advanced level students, a placement test is mandatory prior to the registration to a language course.

Placement Test

Every placement test and results are under the responsability of UQAM’s School of Languages. The student has to mention in his course selection that he wishes to register to a language course to receive the procedure to do a placement test. It is mandatory to be registered at a placement test prior his/her arrival (by email) in order to take the placement test early upon arrival. The placement test lasts 90 minutes and cost $65 CAD. Results are communicated by email not later than 10 days after.