Our school

Step outside the box

At ESG UQAM, we (re)model. We reshape. We allow students to reinvent themselves and refine their true potential. 

Located in the heart of Montreal, the UQAM’s School of Management (ESG UQAM), seeks to change the course of business and adapt it to embrace newly emerging realities by cultivating and celebrating critical thinking and unique, innovative minds. Studying at ESG UQAM means exploring diverse fields of expertise including management, urban planning, marketing, fashion marketing, ethics, sustainable development, social responsibility, business intelligence, and Fintech.

ESG UQAM’s research and teaching activities encourage students to think about the world differently, to become influential actors in their immediate settings and creators of economic, social and environmental value across local, national and international platforms.

With a vibrant community life, international mobility, entrepreneurship opportunities, career development and employment preparation, internships, networking, and access to continuing education, being part of the ESG student experience means being part of an exhilarating ecosystem that will transform students’ potential throughout their studies…and also their professional career.

We encourage our students to think—outside the box. We continue to evolve so they can too.