Advisory Board

The role of this board is to advise the administration periodically on key issues relating to the development and growth of the School and the best courses of action for reaching its objectives. It comprises eight representatives from business, the Dean, and the two associate deans (Research and Academic).

Alumni Council

The role of the Alumni Council is to support the School in implementing its strategic plan with due regard for the interests of its alumni. The Council is made up of eight graduates, the Dean, the Director of the Alumni Office, and an observer from  the Fondation UQAM.

Leaders’ Circle

The Leaders’ Circle of Leaders brings together high-level decision-makers from the business world, all of whom are ESG UQAM graduates seeking to promote the School’s reputation and broaden its influence at the municipal, national and international levels.

Advisory Committee on International Development

This committee plays an advisory role in identifying international issues and strategic and development options for the School. It advises the Dean on faculty policy and annual internationalization priorities. It comprises 13 members representing academics, research, continuing education, and business relations in the context of internationalization.

Academic Council

The Academic Council attends to any matters involving to the School’s academic development. It has 28 members representing professors, lecturers, support staff and students at the School.

Governance Committee

This committee serves as a forum for the School administration and its various departments to meet and discuss all aspects of ESG’s general operations and strategic planning. There are 12 members, including the Dean, the Associate Deans, the Administrative Director, and the School’s eight department heads.