As a French-language management school in North America, ESG UQAM bases its activities and its development on the values of excellence and quality, with a view to ensuring social responsibility and sustainable development. Its goals are as follows:

  • Offer international-quality undergraduate and graduate credit programs and continuing education activities in order to train top-level managers and professionals with integrity, a critical sense, social responsibility and an open attitude to the world;
  • Develop research and knowledge dissemination activities for  the benefit of organizations and society in general, both nationally and internationally;
  • Contribute directly to the development of various socio-economic groups and society in general, in Quebec, Canada and around the world;
  • Meet the needs of the School’s stakeholders: its students, its faculty, its staff and administrators, its alumni, the University, organizations, professional associations and orders, and socio-economic groups.

École des sciences de la gestion

Reconnue pour la qualité de son enseignement pratique, l’excellence de sa recherche appliquée et sa présence internationale, l’École des sciences de la gestion (ESG UQAM) affirme son leadership par une vision audacieuse et porteuse d’avenir.