Student life

Academic competition

ESG’s students have proven themselves to be formidable opponents in all interuniversity competitions. One example among many others, one ESG team won the first place worldwide in the Google Online Marketing Challenge, which involved more than 2,000 team !

Urban campus

Located downtown, in the heart of the city, UQAM’s School of Management is close to the business center and to the blooming artistic and cultural life of Montreal. A few steps away from Old Montreal and many parks, the School is directly accessible via Berri-UQAM Metro, while also benefiting, close to its main entrances, of the BIXI bike rental service stations. The ESG building is located on UQAM’s central campus which regroups more than a dozen

Buildings, also close to Montreal’s main Library « Bibliothèque Nationale du Québec », to the « Cinémathèque Québécoise » and to coffee shops and restaurants where many students meet and study.

Wide range of services

Several services are available to students : the ESG Student Association (AéESG), the ESG International Student Exchange Program’s Office (SSI), the Entrepreneurship Center, the ESG Librairy, the Career Services Center (CGC), the ESG Alumni Network and more.

École des sciences de la gestion

Reconnue pour la qualité de son enseignement pratique, l’excellence de sa recherche appliquée et sa présence internationale, l’École des sciences de la gestion (ESG UQAM) affirme son leadership par une vision audacieuse et porteuse d’avenir.