ESG UQAM has 9 departments and a fashion college, which covers all areas of management. For more information, click on one of the images below.

Accounting Department

The Department of Accounting’s unique academic approach sets it apart from other Quebec institutions: it offers a BA in Accounting Sciences (the undergraduate program is usually only an option within a general BA) and a BA and graduate diploma in management accounting.

Analytics, Operations and Information Technology Department

The Department of Analytics, Operations, and Information Technology (AOIT) in total brings together around 30 professors and 30 lecturers covering the three distinct, but highly complementary, disciplines of analytics (particularly operations research), operations management, and information technology.

The most familiar areas of study offered the Department of Economics include macroeconomics, microeconomics, international finance, monetary theory, economic forecasting, econometrics, public economics, development economics, natural resources and the environment.

Finance Department

Finance is the cornerstone of the economy. It is evolving rapidly and becoming increasingly complex, requiring leading-edge skills and training from researchers and professionals in the field. Accordingly, the Department of Finance’s mission is to combine theory and practice in providing a market-sensitive university education that is international in scope and calibre at all three levels of study.

Management Department

The Department of Management’s mission is to train future managers in its four areas of expertise: entrepreneurship, project management, general management, and innovation management. It does so via an interdisciplinary and experiential approach, taking a complex, analytical and pluralistic perspective that is at once human-centred and forward-thinking.

Marketing Department

The Department of Marketing works in a broad range of specialized fields, such as quantitative analysis methodology, consumer behaviour, e-commerce and macromarketing, and in areas of practical application, such as international marketing, financial services marketing and sports marketing.

While organizational management is the overall mandate of the Department of Organization and Human Resources, its focus is the management of human resources in organizations, and specifically talent management, compensation, staffing, training, occupational health and safety, career management, organizational behaviour, organizational change and development, labour relations, collective bargaining and social enterprise management.

Strategy, Social and Environmental Responsibility Department

The mandate of the Department of Strategy, Social and Environmental Responsibility is to develop conceptual and practical knowledge, to offer programs at all three levels of study, and to provide services to the community in areas relevant to the formulation and implementation of strategies and to social and environmental responsibility in an organization working in national and international environments, thereby creating sustainable economic value for that organization and for society as a whole.

Urban and Tourism Studies Department

The Department of Urban Studies and Tourism has four main areas of specialization: urban planning, urban management, urban studies and tourism management. Priority is given to an interdisciplinary instructional approach in all these areas of study.

The Fashion College stands out as the only french-speaking university center for teaching, research and “fashion” design in North America.