Areas of Expertise


Our objective: to train experts in the production, analysis and communication of financial, social and environmental information.

Our areas of specialization are financial accounting, management accounting, audit, accounting information systems, taxation, corporate reporting, and accounting information.

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ESG UQAM uses an interactive instructional approach fostering in-depth understanding of economic mechanisms. Special emphasis is given to the practical application of acquired knowledge.

In order to devise solutions to practical problems, it is very important to develop a critical perspective on current economic issues. For this reason, the vast majority of compulsory courses include both theoretical and practical components. Practice-based activities include:

  • Debates
  • Economic, political or financial model simulations
  • Statistical data analysis
  • Research projects on assigned or elective topics
  • Essays
  • Experiments to prove or disprove a theory
  • Presentations

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Finance and Financial Services

ESG UQAM is a key player in the finance and financial services sectors in Quebec, both of which are changing rapidly and becoming increasingly complex.

Thanks to the support of many industry partners, the School is equipped with a state-of-the-art trading room and has a team of professors recognized particularly for their work in applied research. As a result, ESG UQAM has made a significant contribution to such initiatives as the development of new financial indexes and instruments.

The School’s high-level expertise in the financial services sector stems from its close ties with the business world, which enable it to offer specialized training and development.

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Human Resources

ESG is the only business school in Quebec to offer integrated expertise in training and research with a focus on the three areas of human resource managementlabour relations and organizational development.

The School has the only BA in Human Resource Management in the province, which makes it easier for our graduates to join the Ordre des CRHA du Québec (Quebec association of certified human resource professionals).

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Management is the collective term for all the types of knowledge needed to run a business.

In addition to the ever-present field of international business, management at ESG UQAM covers strategic managementrisk managementbusiness start-upsocial economy enterprise managementtechnological innovation managementsupply chain management and information management.

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Marketing and International Commerce

In addition to the specializations that are part and parcel of the discipline, such as international marketingmarketing communication or purchasing habits, four specific areas of expertise give these programme sectors a distinctive flavour: responsible consumptionservice management, particularly in the fields of finance and tourism, fashion marketing, and customer experience management.

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Operations management and logistics networks

Project Management

For 40 years, ESG UQAM has enjoyed an enviable national and international reputation in the field of project management.

Our graduate programmes were the first in Canada to be accredited by the Project Management Institute, which is recognized internationally for its standards of excellence.

ESG UQAM boasts the highest concentration of specialized project management professors in the world — professors who are actively involved in both research and teaching.

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Social Economy

ESG UQAM offers several programmes to meet the specific needs of entrepreneurs and managers of social enterprises, such as cooperativesnon-profit organizationsnon-governmental organizations (NGOs)community development organizations and foundations.

In addition to offering full professional training, these programmes incorporate the values of democracy, cooperation and solidarity that organizations are seeking.

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Social Responsability and Governance

The School’s undergraduate curriculum includes compulsory courses in ethicssocial responsibility and sustainable development.

It also offers graduate programmes focussed on the specific problems and needs of private, public, social and cooperative enterprises.

Social responsibility is an overarching concern in all curriculum and research activities at ESG UQAM.

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Technology Management

Our teachers and our researchers dedicate themselves to advancing knowledge and building competencies in IT and innovation management. The broad perspective that keeps all our experts engaged in both teaching and research reflects an understanding of the way in which management, informatics and telecommunications converge.

Our professors are known for their contributions in the areas of IT development, integration, implementation and use, business analysis, enterprise architecture, media collaboration and business intelligence.

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The World Tourism Organization ranks us as one of the best teaching institutions in the world in the field of tourism.

Our team of seasoned experts teaches tourism management at both the undergraduate and the graduate level.

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Urban Studies, Urban Planning and Real Estate

In 2010, 50% of the world’s population lived in an urban area; in North America, it reached 82%.

The major issues facing society manifest themselves primarily in cities and suburbs: globalization and local development, the new economy and its relationship to space, poverty in its various forms, integration of immigrantsaccess to housing and propertytransportation and pollution, the environment and healthfunding for services and infrastructuresneighbourhood revitalizationbuilt heritagetourism developmentgovernance, and sustainable development.

ESG UQAM is part and parcel of this urban reality and is finely attuned to the issues involved. The School’s high-calibre programmes and research activities have set it apart from those of other institutions, and their success is due to the expertise of faculty and the interdisciplinary approach to teaching.

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